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We're building YardHopp for your needs. Yardhopp is more than just an app to find customers. We are your ultimate resource to help you grow.

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Small business needs all the support it can get right now. Here at YardHopp we want to support your growth by opening new doors to new opportunities.

Using the YardHopp app, can help expand your business and not have to worry about finding the extra work. Focus on doing your best work and we'll keep the customers coming.

Easy to use

The app makes things so easy to get more work. Don’t spend all of your valuable time listening to voicemails, replying to texts, or playing phone tag.
One click of a button and the job is yours! Not a bidding war, YOURS!

Location Based

Stay in the areas you want to be in. If you want to work all of Denver Metro, go for it, but if you only want to work a 5 mile radius to where you live, you can do that too. You will never have to go outside of your radius unless you want to. Enjoy not being in traffic.

Rate Your Customers

The customer always seems to get to rate you, but you never get to rate them. That changes now!! We not only want the best businesses, we want the best customers.

It’s great to know that a customer has been with 5 companies over the past 2 years and has always been a problem. Customers have to maintain a 3 star rating to continue using YardHopp.


Built in notification system show you whenever there is new activity. This way you stay updated with your profile, orders, and payments

Insurance is Mandatory

Our customer deserve the ease of knowing that if anything were to happen, they can feel safe and everything is covered.

Consistency is Key

We strive to build consistency with all of our lawns. All lawns for mowing require edging and cleanup. Having the best looking lawns will always be our priority.

We Can Help

Need a website? Need promotional items? Need social media help? Need more customers? Need business advice?

Don’t worry if you don’t have insurance, we can help. 

We are your ultimate resource!

We’re in this together. 


Our Services

Weed and Feed


A perfect lawn can only be achieved when proper weed and feed strategies are applied. As the name suggests, this service involve two basic practices, weed and feed.
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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn needs frequent mowing so that newer, greener and thicker grass take place of the old one. We have professional landscapers on our platform who will take care of your lawn from A-Z
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A lush green lawn goes beyond cutting or trimming services. You need basic lawn care practices such as mowing, fertilizing, and watering to achieve or maintain a beautiful lawn
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Do you know what is the best time of the year for seeding in your area? Our expert technicians will evaluate the existing condition of your land and recommend the best suitable treatment for your yard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Use the job board to find jobs. The job board is constantly updating with new jobs in your area.

A: Once you accept the job, it is yours. No one else will be able to see that job once you accept it.

A: Notify the customer of the situation through the app. Customers appreciate the communication. (Remember that you have to maintain a 4 star rating and not notifying the customer can effect your rating).

A: You will be paid directly to your bank account. You will be paid daily for the jobs completed and accepted by your customers.

A: The customer can see that it is raining also, but are not as informed about lawn care as you are. Notify the customer that due to the weather, that you cannot get to their job today. (It its good practice to notify customers. Never assume they understand, without notification)

A: Yes, you can decline jobs. There is such thing as a bad customer, or just not a good fit for your business. Please rate the customer and explain your rating so any future companies can be aware.

A: Yes. Please rate your customers the way you would want to be rated. If you have a great customer that comes out and gives you water on a hot day, give that customer a great rating. We don’t just want great professionals, we also want great customers.

A: No. We will handle the customer service for you, so you can focus on your work. Most situations can be handled without having to get the professional involved. We will notify you if there is anything you need to know or if we need anything from you.

A: As many as you can handle! We are here to help you grow. There is more than enough work to go around.

A: Yes. You will enter in a zip code and a mile radius that you want to stay in. This way you can stay local and don’t have to drive clear across town for one job.

A: The customer will outline their lawn through a google maps overview to get an exact square footage of the lawn. The price is given to the customer right then and there.

A: We take 14% from every service.

Our Services

Weed and Feed


Lawn Mowing


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