Best Time to Mow Your Lawn

Lets start out with the easy stuff. One basic rule of thumb is to only cut one third of the grass blade. If your grass is cut too short it could actually do more harm than good. A good way to avoid this is to actually let it reach 3-4” before its first mow.
Cutting your grass extremely short actually requires a specific variety of grass. For example a golf course. Now let’s be honest, there is a 99% chance you don’t have this type of grass in your lawn. Although this would be amazing to have, it also requires many extra steps for care such as fertilization and so forth. But enough dreaming for now.
Now this may come as a surprise but those brown spots you see in your lawn… I mean in other peoples lawn, could actually be because your… they’re cutting it too low. Easy fix!
A healthy well maintained lawn will come from proper fertilization, aeration, proper height & watering. Which in turn will need to be cut once a week. As for the height FYI, no need to get overwhelmed & be extremely precise with it. Eyeballing it should work out just fine.


Cutting it short to prevent more maintenance can be just as damaging as letting it overgrow! Let’s say your grass is overgrown. Be sure not to get out there and chop it all down in one day. Instead gradually cut it down. Taking it back to our first rule of thumb which is?.. Yep, cutting one third of it over time.


Another little trick to improving your lawn is mulching. So, those tiny clips of grass that are cut back into the lawn aren’t always bad like some of us may think. Long pieces however may not be good for your lawn, and are as bad as we think. Some knowledge on mulching on why it’s important & beneficial. Mulching grass clippings adds nutrients to the soil. As the clippings decompose it releases nitrogen, potassium, & phosphorus which in turn requires less chemicals used on your lawn.

Quick Tips

1. Keep your blades sharp, which all our professionals are sure to do.
2. Have a professional check the lawns PH (professionals will know best) 
3. Water deep to give your lawn deeper roots

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